5mm red Leds lights used in a custom door panel lighting job for a  Smart Car Customer

LED Lights



Voltage: 12V DC   |   Contact Input Voltage: 9-16Vdc

Luminous Intensity: 6000- 8000mcd   |   Viewing Angle: 20 Degree

Wire Length: 7"


Quality tested to over 1,000 cycles means 

long lasting Leds with low power consumption


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  • Product Description :

    B2 Fabrication Ultra Bright LEDs with built-In current limiting resistors for are ready for all of your 12 Volt Applications. Simply connect the positive (+) and Negative (-) wires to your battery or power supply and your B2 Leds are ready to shine! 


    B2 Led Lights are the perfect addition when customizing your car, RV, boat, motorcycle, computer, sensor or alarm. In addition to practical home application,  Our Leds can help to bring your hobby game to the next level.


    Customers have used our Leds to pimp out rc cars and trucks as well as add light to model train sets and Christmas decor. Our personal favorite has been seeing all of the Jack-o-lanterns, creative Halloween costumes, and Cosplay characters come to life with a little boost from B2 Led lights.


    Take your project to the next level.

    You are only Limited by your imagination!!! 



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