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Dodge Charger Exhaust Tips

Dodge Charger Exhaust Tips

  • How does the B2 Fabrication Ford F150 exhaust system compare to the MBRP exhaust f150 Or the Borla Atak F150?
    The B2 Fabrication is a 409 stainless system with a price point somewhere in between the MBRP and the Borla. In our testing the MBRP came across a bit raspy due to the smaller and cheaper muffler while the Borla Atak and S-type sounded very similar to the B2 muffler delete. If you put wo trucks side by side, one with a Borla Atak and one with a B2 muffler delete most people couldn’t tell you which one was which. The Borla Touring is higher pitched and slightly louder than our Moderate. MBRP makes a bunch of configurations for the F-150 but most of them are going to sound close to the B2 Delete. The reason for this is because the MBRP systems remove the factory resonator and replace it with a small bullet style muffler. Since the B2 delete leaves the resonator in place but does not use a muffler they sound close to the same, like very close. MBRP street systems have about the same volume and tone as the B2 Aggressive with the 14” muffler.
  • My truck has VVT (Variable Valve Timing) Will that be annoying?
    You will hear the VVT turning on and off more with any aftermarket exhaust system. You will have to listen for it, it isn’t crazy or anything, but it is there. We do not really get any complaints with this. If it really does bother you sometimes putting the truck in manual mode deactivates VVT
  • What type of exhaust tips come with my system?
    Our Ford F150 exhaust tips are the best that money can buy. The factory Ford F150 exhaust tip size is 3.5”, the ones we provide are also 3 ½ inch but there are two of them and they fit tighter and flusher with the body of the truck. They are of a higher quality than what almost all other manufacturers are supplying with their systems. These are double wall TIG welded 304 stainless. You can get them polished or Cerakote black for no extra charge. We sandblast them before Cerakoting for a lifetime finish.
  • What applications do these exhaust systems fit?
    These fit all wheelbases of Ford F-150 from 2015-2024. They fit the 5.0L, 3.5L EcoBoost, and 2.7L EcoBoost, they do not fit Tremor, Raptor, or PowerBoost engines. 2015 F150 exhaust, 2016 F150 exhaust, 2017 F150 exhaust, 2018 F150 exhaust, 2019 F150 exhaust, 2020 F150 exhaust, 2021 F150 exhaust, 2022 F150 exhaust, 2023 F150 exhaust, 2024 F150 exhaust
  • I can’t get my exhaust clamps tight enough.
    We use thicker walled stainless tubing since these are being installed on trucks so getting them to seal can be challenging but if done properly is quite simple. It is extremely important that the clamp is installed in the right spot. It is helpful to put some silicone on the inside of the joint. Also, the clamp must be only covering the slots, if the clamp is past the slots even a little bit it will never get tight enough. It works much better with the vibrations of an impact gun, if you can get access to one of those it will seal easier, and don't be afraid to really tighten it!
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