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"Is a Resonator Delete the Solution to Exhaust Drone? Understanding the Basics and Effects"

Updated: May 1

Picture this: You're behind the wheel of your truck, it’s a beautiful spring day and you are just getting started on a road trip.  You pull onto the freeway, get up to your cruising speed and that’s when you hear an unwelcome intruder — the persistent hum of exhaust drone.

Ram 1500 with leveling kit and oversized tires

What is exhaust drone and what causes it?

Exhaust drone is a monotone sound and vibration that occurs in some aftermarket exhaust systems. It's caused when the frequencies of the engine and exhaust are aligned at a certain RPM (typically 2,000-3,000 RPM). Drone is most noticeable at highway speeds, not during acceleration or low speed driving.

You won’t hear exhaust drone in a truck that uses the stock exhaust system. The engineers reduce unwanted exhaust noise by using restrictive mufflers and adding resonators to the factory exhaust system. It's only when you start modifying your exhaust system that you can experience exhaust drone.

Mopar performance Ram exhaust system
5th generation Ram 1500 factory muffler

Factory resonators play an important role in eliminating drone.

The resonators on your truck have been specifically built to eliminate the resonance frequencies that come from the factory muffler.  Aftermarket mufflers will have different resonance frequencies and these factory resonators may or may not help with them.  The factory resonators, especially the ones on the 5th generation Ram are so large that they also act like mini-mufflers and reduce the overall sound volume of the exhaust by about 12-15%.  The resonators on the 4th generation Ram 1500 are much smaller and have a smaller job to do since the 4th gen muffler is bigger.

Exhaust system resonators
Factory resonators for Ram 1500 hemi's 2009-2024

When it comes to the products offered here at B2 Fabrication we have combinations that do not drone at all and some aggressive combinations that do drone a little.  This is a tradeoff that has been made to achieve a certain volume and tone for these late model engines.

Our moderate retrofit muffler with the factory resonators installed will have no drone at any RPM, removing the resonators with that muffler installed will raise the tone and volume a bit but still will not drone.

Our aggressive, round muffler will drone when the factory resonators are in place, it won’t be crazy but can get bad if towing something heavy on the freeway.  Removing the factory resonators with the round muffler installed reduces the drone almost completely.

There is not much noticeable drone on the muffler delete with or without the factory resonators in place, however either combination is LOUD!  Which is probably exactly what you would be looking for if you are interested in a muffler delete. Our Ford F-150 systems are new to us so we do not have any customer feedback to report.  However, in our extensive drivability testing while in the design phase we did not experience any noticeable drone.

B2 fabrication resonator delete kit VS. muffler shop resonator delete.

Here at B2 Fabrication we offer a resonator delete kit, these will raise the tone of your exhaust, add some volume and help you with that pesky drone on some other aftermarket brands of retrofit mufflers, but they don't do much if you are still running a factory muffler. Resonator deletes are totally legal, they have nothing to do with emissions. A resonator delete kit cost's about two hundred bucks, you can maybe save a little by having a muffler shop delete your resonators from scratch. Be warned though that most shops do not have proper mandrel benders or the ball end tooling for the exhaust tips so you may end up getting something that looks like these next two pictures…your truck deserves better!

muffler shop resonator delete job
Actual photo of a muffler shop Ram resonator delete

Muffler shop muffler delete hack job
A muffler shop job will save you about 50$ on average

In conclusion, the decision between deleting or retaining the resonators on your truck hinges on a delicate balance of sound, volume, and performance. The B2 Fabrication's resonator delete kit offers a simple solution to enhance the tone and volume of your exhaust. Easy DIY kits are available for 4th and 5th generation Ram 1500 Hemi. As far as a resonator delete pros and cons? There really are no cons that I can think of, you will gain some volume and tone but we have never had a report of removing them adding any drone or unwelcome sounds. Whether you choose to remove the resonator for a bolder sound or keep it for a more refined auditory experience, remember that this modification is not just about the noise—it's about making your truck truly yours. It's important to weigh the benefits of a professional resonator delete kit against the potential downsides of a DIY approach. Ultimately, your choice should align with your personal preferences and the specific needs of your truck, ensuring a harmonious blend of performance and sound on every journey.

Resonator delete kit for Ram 1500 Hemi
B2 Fabrication resonator delete kit for the 5th generation Ram 1500
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