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14in Oval Exhaust Muffler Center and Offset 2.5" Inlet/Outlet

14in Oval Exhaust Muffler Center and Offset 2.5" Inlet/Outlet


Overall length:  20"

Body size:  4"x9"x14"

Inlet:  2.5" (center or offset)

Outlet:  2.5" (center or offset)


B2 Fabrication is now offering a full line of stainless steel performance mufflers.  They feature a flow-through design with high temperature filler, these mufflers are sure to give your car or truck the rumble and attitude you are looking for as well as last a lifetime. B2 Fab mufflers are built better, with nicer welds and thicker materials than most of the big name brands. Plus, the fit and finsh, along with the crispness of the embossed logo makes them a great fit on even the nicest of underbodies.


*One inlet/outlet is in the center, the other is on the side, these are uni-directional and can be run either way


*choose from weld-on or clamp-on w/clamps



  • Produced from heavy gauge, high quality stainless steel.
  • Designed to deliver superior flow and maximum power.Deep mellow tone.
  • All welded construction.
  • 100% reversible design.
  • Single & dual applications.
  • Advanced technology high temperature filler material.
  • Stainless steel tubular liner eliminates blowouts.
  • Use on single or dual exhaust systems.
  • Deep mellow tone without unwanted cabin noise.